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** Use of this software or the FLIR ONE device is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Setup Considerations for entry at 1-day or Required-Reentry event:

Device Considerations:

Designate a controlled environement such as metal detectors or a hallway where there will be no sources of high temperature. Ideally, a location out of direct sunlight.

Is 4G or Wifi available? This will be needed for MMS / SMS notifications.

A wireless charger can be used in conjunction with a wire charger for the Flir One device which is occupying the phone’s USB port.

Positive Outcome Considerations:

Make screening a part of your medical/security plan so your designated alert contact knows what do when information is received.

Come up with a strategy for handling people who demonstrate indicators of high skin temperature. Ask a series of brief questions. (have you taken any medications or participated in any physical activities that may have impacted your indicated temperature?)

Come up with a strategy for what happens if secondary diagnosis by medical staff determines that person is positive for a virus. (Are they asked to leave? Are they given an info packet on disease prevention and allowed in? Are they given the option of entry with an alternate-color wristband for the day to hold them accountable in maintaining their distance to fellow guests?)

These are not tested methods. Please consult with your licensed legal and medical professionals before establishing a strategy.