Complete Anonymity

Many people see use of biometrics as a privacy violation. See Here This platform does not intrude on privacy as it collects no personally identifying information.

Thermal Frame Cycles

Each 100th of a seconds, the thermal image frame is cycled to find the highest temperature. Max is reset every few seconds.

MMS Reports

When a target is detected, an SMS/MMS(if 4G available) message is automatically sent including Temp, GPS location, thermal and standard images of target.

Record Keeping

Keep non-PII metadata logged in a secure file for later review.

Passive Scanning

Keep things moving! Scan without needing to be closer than 5-15 feet with minimal accuracy loss.

Active Capture

Use it actively as a way to measure multiple targets simultaneously. Simply change modes.


The same software works for a range of camera options by FLIR. Development will continue to integrate more features and interoperability with other Event Management software.